International Webinar on Kangaroo Mother Care

& World Prematurity Day Celebration 2020


Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Date: November 16 - 17, 2020

Platform: Zoom



At the end of the virtual meeting, the participant/listener will:

1. be more aware of current global programs for the newborn, in particular, for small babies, as well as the implementation status of KMC,

2. recognize the various roles of the healthcare worker, as individual KMC practitioners, program implementers, educators and champions of the KMC intervention,

3. and learn strategies employed by global organizations, development partners and country leaders in sustaining the KMC practice.


An international webinar meeting will be held in two, two-hour sessions in two days, Nov. 16 & 17, 2020, from 8:00-10:00 PM, Philippine Standard Time (PST).


The first day will begin with a 30-minute breakout group discussions, on six relevant questions on sustaining KMC. Discussions will be held simultaneously in six breakout rooms of 25 participants each with one facilitator and one documenter managing the small group discussions. Participants will register to the group of their choice, in the process of registration. Participation will be on a first registered, first participant basis but will try to ensure multi-country presence in each group. A pre-discussion survey will be sent out to all registrants on each breakout group, after each room reaches the maximum 25 pax, or at least 2 days before the sessions. Outputs from the group discussions will be summarized and reported on day 2, as a plenary session.


The group discussions will be followed by a pre-recorded 5-minute opening & welcome remarks of local host (KMC Foundation or DOH officer) and 3 plenary lectures of 15 min each, followed by 5-min Q & A. Day 1 ends with a short poll on zoom regarding the 2-hour meeting.


Day 2 will have 3 plenary lectures, and the report on the group discussion outputs. This session will end with a video celebration of world prematurity day in KMC and a poll/evaluation.




KMC in the Philippines was initially adopted at the neonatal care unit of Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in 1999, after Dr. Socorro De Leon-Mendoza received training in Bogota, Colombia. To date, the KMC program of the hospital has helped not only in maintaining a higher survival rate of infants but also in propagating sustained breastfeeding among mothers. Upon Dr. Mendoza's retirement from government service, she and several like-minded professionals, decided other areas in the Philippines would benefit greatly from KMC. Thus the Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation Philippines, Inc. was established in 2008. The Foundation's goal is to develop, monitor, and accredit KMC centers and also encourage the continued application of KMC as a standard practice in neonatal care. As of 2014, besides the Fabella Hospital in Manila, the Foundation was instrumental in the development of 21 KMC Centers of training and excellence which have all been recognized by the Department of Health.  In the same year, KMC was incorporated into the Care for Small Baby package of interventions by the Department of Health.