KMC Stories - Case 3

Last August 1, 2013, I was admitted to the hospital due to severe preeclampsia. I was G1P0 29 5/7 weeks of pregnancy during that time and there was a threat that I might have a preterm delivery. I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks to have a complete bed rest while my OB/Gyne Attending Physician attempted to control my blood pressure. Since there was already a decreased blood flow to the brain of my baby as seen in the Doppler Ultrasound, I was scheduled to undergo a Caesarean Section last August 23, 2013 at 32 5/7 weeks of pregnancy.

My son was only 1.540 kgs., so tiny and fragile. He struggled so hard in order to survive. He was attached to CPAP, yet his vital signs were still unstable. I had not seen my child for three days not until my Neonatologist told me to visit him and provide Kangaroo Care. A nurse by profession, I already had the idea what Kangaroo care was, thus, I did not hesitate to go to the NICU despite my unstable blood pressure which continued to remain high.

My first Kangaroo care lasted for an hour, and it was memorable because it was the first time that I held my son. I talked to him, told him stories, sang nursery rhymes, and caressed him the entire period. When I left the NICU, the nurses told me that there was an improvement in my son’s status, hence, it was scheduled every 8 hours.

Since positive outcomes were seen in my child, Kangaroo Care was increased every 6 hours. I kept on visiting him even in the middle of the night and even if there was heavy rain pouring. Days and weeks passed by and my child gradually got well. I brought him home after 40 days.

Before, I was just aware what Kangaroo Care was, not until I personally experienced its power. Now I can say that Kangaroo Care can truly save lives.