Fabella Hospital Celebrates 12th Year Anniversary of Kangaroo Mother Care

Dr. Leonardo of Fabella Hospital receiving the KMC Certificate of Accreditation and Dr. Christine Tumale receiving an additional digital weighing scale from Dr. Socorro Mendoza of KMC Foundation, Phil. Inc.

August 13, 2011 Saturday, marked the 12th year of the institutionalization of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital and in the Philippines. To commemorate the occasion, the Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation visited Fabella Hospital on the eve of their anniversary and presented to the Hospital administration and the KMC core team their international accreditation certificate as the KMC Regional Center of Training and Excellence, National Capital Region.

The certificate was awarded by Dr. Socorro Mendoza, President of the KMC Foundation Philippines, with authority from Dr. Nathalie Charpak of the Fundacion Canguro in Bogota Colombia. It was received by Dr. Jeffrey B. Leonardo , on behalf of Dr. Ruben Flores,Chief of Hospital II. Witnesses to the awarding were Dr. Mary Christine Tumale, head of Fabella’s KMC program and Ms. Annie Guerrero, KMC Foundation Secretary. The occassion was graced by members of the KMC Core Team of Fabella, composed of pediatric consultants, nurses and social workers. The Nursing service was represented by Ms. Salud Celiz, KMC program Nurse Coordinator

As the recipient of the KMC certificate of international accreditation, Fabella Hospital is recognized as a KMC center in the Philippines, practicing internationally accepted KMC protocols. The certificate was signed by Dr. Nathalie Charpak, who established and documented KMC standards in Colombia, and co-signed by Dr. Socorro Mendoza and Mr. Oliverio Laperal Sr., president and Chairman respectively, of then Bless Tetada KMC Foundation Phil., Inc. The Foundation shall be conducting regular visits to Fabella Hospital to monitor their adherance to international KMC standards.